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Thank You

I want to thank the Center for Service Learning for the recognition of my small role in this awesome endeavor we call Service-Learning. I am proud to be part of this process with my colleagues, students and placement locations. I am extremely grateful to the Cocoa Service-Learning team for being, in a word, “Terrific” to me and my students.

I must say thanks to my students first for being motivated enough about the extra credit to sign up, and then for getting excited about the significance of their work so they were willing to overcome many personal obstacles to complete their commitments!

The teachers and other people my students worked for also deserve recognition for welcoming service learners into their worlds and expressing such appreciation that my students really felt the value of their efforts. Validation in any form is worth its weight in gold. I feel like my students and I have received tremendous treasure for the small energy we gave.

From my heart, I offer a humble, “Thank-you!”--Karen Cuda


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