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Options for Self-Reflection

Self-reflection is to help you to think critically about your experience. You should analyze, synthesize, assimilate and evaluate your experiences as you volunteer. The overall goal is to reflect on how your volunteerism impacts the community (students and school), your education, and/or your life/self-identity.

You have three options in completing the Self-reflection requirement:

1. You may keep a hand-written or typed individual journal that you submit to me over the course of your service hours (this is the traditional journal described on the reflection journal page.)

2. You may "journal" about half of your Service-Learning hours and select another Presentation Method to document your experience for the other half of your hours.  So if you are doing twenty hours, you would journal regarding ten of those hours and select something from the Presentation Method Option list to express your reflection of the other ten.

        Presentation Method Options:

  • Building an Object/Three dimensional Artwork – Maybe you like to build things out of wood, brick, concrete, plaster, Styrofoam, etc. You could build a set or diorama to reflect the major aspects of your experience.
  •  Act/Dance/Mime – Act out a message through movement with accompanying sound/music and record to a digital file.
  • Collage/Scrapbook – Perhaps acting is just not your thing, but creating a scrapbook or collage is. Put together a collection of meaningful pictures and objects together in a unique way. Focus on the concepts to be learned or shared with your audience. Make sure you have permission to use images and have all on-camera people sign a photo release form.
  • Drawing/Sketching/Painting – Similar to a collage, but here you would create the visuals from scratch; your own artwork. Be sure to make the final product large enough to be seen by audience.
  • Make a book – Use your creativity to condense what you need to know into a book. Write, draw, cut out, color, photograph, illustrate important concepts to make your book stand out! Rather than a traditional physical book or power-point presentation, you could create an e-book or blog.
  • Musical/Rhythmic Composition – So you like to write music? Go for it! Incorporate your research/concepts into some type of music. You can sing a song, play a musical instrument, select specific recorded music you feel pertains to or reflects what you experienced, then record to a digital file.
  • Poetry – Incorporate your experience into an original poem, 12-15 stanzas long. Be completely creative or use a tried-and-true old poem in which you substitute your words.
  • PowerPoint Presentation – If you know the technology, then create a screen show of “electronic” slides reinforcing important concepts. Please use guidelines for creating effective Ppt. presentations to avoid common pitfalls.
  • Sculpture – Maybe you want to get your hands dirty and try clay, plaster, pottery etc. to express your mastery of key concepts. Be creative!
  • Video/Film-making – So you want to be a star? A Film Director? A Producer? Script a short movie and perform to your heart’s content! Persuade the drama students to act your script while you film and direct. Be sure to have anyone participating on camera to sign a photo/video release form.

The possibilities are endless! You can be even more creative: mix and match these forms! Always keep in mind that this is a form of proving you have mastered the material, reflecting on your experience and are sharing the key concepts with others.

3. Instead of a hand-written/typed individual journal, you can participate in the two discussion forums (Chatterbox and Formal Topics) found in your ANGEL LMS course shell. There are two forums—both are mandatory if you opt for the forum in place of the self-reflection journal.

  • The Chatterbox forum is a place to post your session notes. Instructions for Chatterbox:  After each visit to your service agency, please chat about your experience. Reflect on the events, tasks, people, ideas, attitudes, emotions, etc. This is a very casual forum to talk about what is happening as you complete your service-learning obligation. Instead of having one person "own" a blog, this is a group diary of experiences. While the content can be more relaxed, please do still adhere to Standard American English grammar and mechanics. Please feel free to read and reply to each other as well so we have a "conversation." After you submit your own post, please read two other posts and reply to them to create a discussion thread.

  • Formal Topic Discussion Forum is a place to use critical thinking and reflecting in response to specific topics posted by your instructor. I will periodically post new topics or questions in the forum.  You should read the topic, reflect on your response to it, and then enter a reply to that topic thread.  Next, you should check back to see what others have submitted and reply to any comments that provoke a response. This is a formal academic forum, so your posts should adhere to Standard American English grammar and mechanics and have content substance worthy of our academic time and energy.  This does not mean that each post must be the most brilliant, thought-provoking comment we have every encountered, but it should not be shallow, inconsequential thinking. Try to keep your posts between 75 and 250 words long.

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