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Earn Extra Credit

For full details, see Addendum C to your Course Syllabus.

In addition to the special service-learning courses offered at BCC, many instructors offer extra credit towards assignments or course grades to students who participate in Service-Learning.  I offer extra credit points in my regular Communications courses ENC 1101 & ENC 1102 to apply to students' final course grade as well as offer a 4th credit hour option ENC 2948 tied to the Communications courses.

While a 4th college credit option exists with the college, I do not make enrolling in ENC 2948 a requirement to get the extra credit points towards your course grade in my Comm. 1 & 2 courses.   If you are doing the 20 hours already, and you have the money to pay for one extra college credit hour, then it really does make sense to do enroll in the 4th credit option in addition to completing the extra-credit requirements towards your course grade. Review my requirements to complete the 4th credit option attached to my ENC courses, then ask the CSL for the details and the paperwork regarding enrolling in the CRN for the 4th credit option.

A 4th credit option is NOT offered in the summer term.

To get the extra credit points, a student MUST complete a minimum of 20 hours verified on the SHOAT form and complete all requirements detailed in the Addendum C to Course Syllabus (found in the ANGEL LMS course shell.)

I prefer that all students perform tutoring in reading and writing at any elementary school in Brevard County or at Cambridge Elementary or Enterprise Elementary in Cocoa; however, you may do service-learning at any meaningful partner agency you desire.

During the summer term there will not be enough time to complete the fingerprinting and background check required to volunteer at most public schools. I suggest you select an agency which can get you started ASAP so you can complete your desired number of hours.

There is much room for flexibility in this project. You will arrange a suitable schedule and job description with the Service Learning Center and your volunteer location. If you do NOT wish to tutor, but want to take advantage of this opportunity, please see me to develop a suitable program contract in conjunction with the Service-Learning Center.

Volunteering at Sunflower House gave me an opportunity to learn how to relate to people and to really see that to care for one another is truly the only way we can make a difference in someone else’s life. I believe that the experiences that I had in Sunflower House will greatly enrich and aid me in my own life. From becoming a better listener and appreciating all that I have in my life, to striving to be a better person by genuinely taking interest in another human being. By encouraging others to do the same, everyone has an opportunity to become a caregiver for one another and thus define the true meaning of community. --B. Halikova ENC 1101 Spring 2006

If you are participating in service-learning for this course, and you have a disability for which you need accommodations and/or services, please inform your instructor and the Office for Students with disAbilities, and these will be considered in your community placement.

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