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About the EFSC-UCF Writing Center

The EFSC-UCF Writing Center is a free resource for all EFSC and UCF students.

Located on the Cocoa campus, the writing center’s most popular service is the individualized writing tutor session: a writing tutor will usually spend 30 minutes with each student and discuss recommendations for revision (or an hour if the paper is longer than five pages). If students are drafting a paper together as a group project, it's best to schedule two 30 minute group appointments back to back.

All students can bring their work to the EFSC-UCF Writing Center at any point in the process—even if they haven't started writing yet. The tutors can help you understand an assignment, begin planning, organize your ideas, and revise drafts.

Sessions will be most helpful if students take the time to

  • prepare: identify specific issues on which they want feedback
  • participate: actively discuss their paper with the tutor
  • reflect: decide which of the possibilities raised during the session are most helpful
  • act: revise their paper (writers should hold the pen and make any changes during a session--never allow a tutor to do the work for you or make changes to your files)


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