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About Professor Cuda

When not obsessing over some task for my professional life, I tend to jump into projects like learning to skydive, kick-box or assemble mixed media art pieces. If you know of a good way to permanently affix a Nintendo game controller to a large canvas would you let me know?

I hold a B.A. Degree in Secondary English Education as well as a Master of Arts Degree in Traditional English Studies. What this means is that I have had a balance of composition, literature, and education courses in my preparation to teach as a college professor.

I've taught at the college level since 1986 with much of my experience at Rose State College, Central State University (now known as University of Central Oklahoma), and Oklahoma Christian University.

I'm pleased to be a full-time professor in the Communications Department at the Cocoa Campus as of Jan. 2006 after joining the Brevard Community College (now Eastern Florida State College) adjunct faculty in Fall 2005. I teach Composition 1 & 2, Film Appreciation 1 & 2, Technical Writing, Developmental Writing as well as Service-Learning courses.

The atmosphere of the Cocoa campus, my fellow faculty members and the interesting personalities of our students keep me happy to go to work everyday.  Eastern Florida State College has enormous impact on the lives of the surrounding communities and I'm proud to be a part of fulfilling our educational mission.  My students have interesting diversity in age, ethnicity, background and goals. They inspire me and motivate me to continually improve my teaching and my own writing expertise. 

My students talked me along with Prof. JoLee Passerini into co-sponsoring the EFSC Cocoa campus student creative writing club known as The Writers' Haven. They still haven't told me whether this was an honor or a punishment, but the work we all put into planning and hosting creative writing events on campus makes for some crazy-good times. Join us on-campus or on-line for a fun and supportive community of creative student writers!

I served as the BCC Coordinator to the BCC-UCF Writing Center (now EFSC-UCF Writing Center) from summer 2007 through summer 2013. Working with the UCF Coordinator, Barb Kyle, to create a collaborative learning environment for students and peer consultants was a tremendous pleasure. 

Beginning in the summer 2013 term through summer 2015, I served as Department Chair for the Communications, Speech & Foreign Language Department on Cocoa campus while Professor Carol Harvest took on the coordinator duties for the EFSC-UCF Writing Center.

In addition to teaching, my professional experience includes:

  • Writing/developing computer-based training in the Aerospace Industry
  • Acting as contributing editor to a popular regional entertainment magazine in Oklahoma City
  • Writing poetry, literary criticism, and curriculum activities (some of which has been published in professional journals or commercial magazines)
  • Writing non-fiction topic papers and workshop activities for presentation at regional/national conferences in composition and service-learning


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