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About Service Learning

The Center for Service-Learning strives to make service an integral part of studentsí education to prepare them to be lifelong learners, responsible community members, and productive citizens.

Service learning is a tool to help connect classroom theory with reality and link thought with action. Students provide meaningful service to the community while benefiting civically, personally, occupationally and academically.

Eastern Florida State College is deeply rooted in community. We have a legacy of effective partnerships and involvement exemplified by thousands of our students who annually do service-learning and volunteer with hundreds of Brevard County organizations and projects. Since the Centerís inception in 1988, more than 50,700 students have collectively served more than 2 million hours. Today the Center is recognized and respected as one of the best service-learning programs in the United States.

Students will be placed by the Service Learning Center which will act as your liaison/advocate should any questions or problems arise. Your service agency will provide any training needed to perform your service hours.

Click on this link to go to the Eastern Florida State College Center for Service-Learning webpage.

Each campus has a Center for Service-Learning. Please feel free to utilize whichever location best suits you.

Cocoa Campus phone: 433-7610 Bldg. 12 (Library) Rm. 305
Titusville Campus phone: 433-5016 Bldg. 3 Rm. 125C
Melbourne Campus phone: 433-5610 Bldg. 10 Rm. 213
Palm Bay Campus phone: 433-5253 Bldg. 1 Rm. 129A

Service-learning can be a stand-alone course or a component of another course that covers a primary subject like English or Psychology. When service hours are a component of another course, the instructor can be creative in offering extra-credit or substituting assignments or additionally offer the option to add a 4th college-credit hour to a course. Click here to learn more:  Service-Learning Course Options

You can browse through the Center for Service-Learning web pages and register on-line; however, I feel it is much better if you make an appointment with your local center and go in to speak to a staff member face-to-face. Your level of customer satisfaction will be much higher if you allow them to do their jobs and help you become a service-learner!

For your appointment, you will need to know your student B# and take along a copy of my course addendum/syllabus explaining the service-learning options I am offering to my students this semester. I have already contacted the Cocoa Center in person and emailed info. to the director of the program so the staff should be expecting my students to start calling and dropping by.


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