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Hello Students!

Many students in ENC1102 Communications 2 are returning to college after taking a break from the classroom, so you may not quite know what to expect from your college experience or what your instructors and classmates expect from you.

I strongly encourage you to take the SLS1101 Success Strategies for College and Life course if you need to strengthen your skills as a student in addition to working on your skills as a writer. Success Strategies will help you get started on the right track for success so you can develop good habits that will transfer to your other classes, future career and lifestyle.

Students fail to do well in college for a variety of reasons, and only one of them is lack of academic preparedness. Factors such as personal autonomy, self-confidence, ability to deal with racism, study behaviors, or social competence have as much or more to do with grades, retention, and graduation than how well a student writes or how competent a student is in mathematics. --Hunter R. Boylan, Director of the National Center for Developmental Education

Comm. 2 is a writing course to enhance your academic writing skills through the analysis of literature, so we may not have much class time to learn how to be a master student, but I have provided some material here for your use. Feel free to bring these topics into our class discussions.

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