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ENC 1102 Course Info

This page gives you a brief overview of your communications course.

ENC 1102 emphasizes writing literary analysis using different rhetorical strategies.  Selections include the short story, essay, novel, poetry, drama, or film; these provide the basis for advanced essay writing, research, and practice.  By state mandate, students are required to complete multiple college-level writing assignments.  In this class, those writings will include a minimum of four out-of-class writing assignments, one of which must be a fully-documented research paper using MLA format, as well as timed, CLAST-like writings produced in class.  Additional writing assignments will be used to achieve the objectives of the course. This is a general education diversity-infused course.

The purpose of Composition II is to further develop the student's writing skills to communicate more effectively and to further enhance critical thinking skills through analysis of literature. 

ENC 1102, a sequel to ENC 1101, presupposes knowledge of the essential skills of the first course At the same time, it recognizes the recursive nature of writing.  No principle of writing is "mastered" on a single occasion or in a single semester.  The second course attempts to repeat some of the concepts of the first course while moving to more complex and more diversified rhetorical patterns.


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