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Professor Cuda's Website

I created this website as a supplemental resource for my students prior to EFSC's adoption of the ANGEL Learning Management System, and now we use the CANVAS LMS. You can expect to find course materials such as lecture notes, sample writings, and instructional models here, i.e. materials that don't change each term because I don't update this site frequently anymore due to the time-consuming nature of using CANVAS.

All of our attendance records, grade records, assignment instructions, course announcements and email are in the CANVAS LMS to maintain educational privacy.

Please use your class lecture notes, textbooks, the CANVAS Learning Management System and this website together to ensure your success.

All currently enrolled EFSC students now have the ability to download the Microsoft Office ProPlus desktop applications for use on up to five desktop and/or mobile devices at no cost. Microsoft Office Word is the official word processing software used by EFSC Composition classes and your work must be submitted as .doc or .docx files, so please use your free download if you don't already have Microsoft Word on your computer.

I've also added information regarding Service-Learning at Eastern Florida State College, the EFSC-UCF Writing Center, and the EFSC student creative writing club (known as The Writers' Haven) on Cocoa campus.

Using Google Chrome as your server, easy, single sign-on access to Canvas and Titan student e-mail is available now, and will continue to be available, through the myEFSC Portal.

If you are using Google Chrome, click on the button below.

While this website exists as a resource for my students, it never supersedes written instructions or verbal directions given in class, in the CANVAS LMS or directly from your professor.

© 2018 Karen Cuda. All rights reserved.
This website is not an official website of Eastern Florida State College (formerly Brevard Community College.)
All contents expressed from and on this website have not been approved by the college and therefore the college may not be held responsible for the contents of this website.
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